Program Admission Information


Admission Requirements:

  1. Critical care professional registered nurse experience
    1. Minimum 1 (ONE) year of critical care nursing experience
      1. Applicants must have a minimum of 2 (TWO) years of critical care experience by the start of the program
      2. The program start date is May of every year
    1. Critical care is defined as the current and consistent delivery of high acuity professional registered nursing care to patients with complex pathology who may require mechanical ventilation, vasoactive infusions, and advanced hemodynamic monitoring
    1. Critical care patient population includes adult, pediatric, and neonatal
  1. Minimum (undergraduate cumulative) GPA 3.0 (2023 applicant mean GPA = 3.61)
  2. Official transcripts from ALL postsecondary schools.
    1. Electronic transcripts (preferred) should be sent to:
      2. Allow two to four weeks for the Graduate Admissions Office to process
      3. IMPORTANT: Applicants must complete and submit both the university and supplemental (program) applications BEFORE sending transcripts to USC.
    1. Paper transcripts (official, sealed) should be mailed to:

USC Program of Nurse Anesthesia
Attention: Loida Calapatia
1540 Alcazar Street, CHP-205
Los Angeles, California 90089-9012

*Applicants should NOT send electronic and paper transcripts. Electronic transcripts are preferred.

  1. Course prerequisites: Please review the Prerequisites FAQ Page
    1. Baccalaureate degree in nursing or another discipline — BSN, BS, or BA
    2. A graduate degree is acceptable, e.g., MSN
    3. Registered nurse with active licensure (CA licensure is required for program matriculation)
    4. English comprehension or equivalent writing course
      1. AP English is accepted, but an upper-division course with a graded writing assignment should be submitted.
    5. Anatomy and physiology (1 [ONE] semester each or 1 [ONE] year combined course)
    6. Chemistry 2 (TWO) semesters. One semester of general (inorganic) chemistry and one semester of biochemistry or organic chemistry.
      1. Combined courses are acceptable, but TWO semesters are required.
    7. Physics (introductory or general) ONE semester, NO lab required
    8. Biology or microbiology
    9. Health assessment (likely integrated into undergraduate nursing coursework)
    10. Nursing research or statistics course
    11. All prerequisite work must be completed by March 31st of the enrollment year. Anatomy, physiology, general chemistry, and biochemistry or organic chemistry older than 10 years must be retaken and completed by March 31st of the enrollment year.
    12. Advanced standing in the Program of Nurse Anesthesia is not available; however, up to 12 units of transfer credit may be applied to the existing program of study but is subject to program administration approval and university policy.
  2. Official GRE transcripts from ETS
    1. USC school code: 4852
    2. Department code: 0610
  1. CRNA or anesthesiologist shadow experience
    1. 1 [ONE] quality shadow experience (no minimum hours required)
    2. Applicants may substitute a shadow experience with a quality interview with a CRNA.
      1. Amend the shadow form to reflect that an interview was completed.
    3. Download and complete the shadow verification form
    4. Submit (upload a PDF) the signed verification form with the application
  2. Three recent letters of recommendation
    1. One letter from a direct nurse manager or supervisor
    2. One letter from an advanced practice clinician (CRNA, NP, MD, or PA)
    3. All letters of recommendation must be on a letterhead and signed [electronic signatures accepted] by the referee.
  3. Statement of purpose
    1. Complete BOTH questions that appear in the supplemental application
  4. Completion of the university graduate application
    1. Create your username and password
    2. On the upper section, click Add Program
    3. For Program Level, select Doctoral
    4. Then click “Search”
    5. Scroll down to Keck School of Medicine and select “2024 – Summer 1 – Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice”
    6. The university application must be completed to be considered for admission.
  5. Complete the program supplemental application (timed)
    1. Upload a current resume or curriculum vitae
    2. Upload the completed (signed) shadow verification form
    3. Upload a current Professional Registered Nurse license (any state)
      1. ACLS, BLS, and PALS certification is NOT required effective 2023
      2. Complete the two statement of purpose questions
  6. Important:
    1. Delayed or incomplete supplemental applications will not be considered. 
    2. Transcripts and letters of recommendation cannot be indexed to incomplete or unsubmitted university and supplemental applications.
    3. Please complete and submit both applications before requesting transcripts.
  7. A nonrefundable $75 USC program application fee (separate from the university fee) must be mailed directly to the school.
    1. Applications will not be processed until fees have been paid.
    2. Checks should be made payable to the USC Program of Nurse Anesthesia.
    3. Please use regular USPS mail delivery.
    4. The mailing address is:

USC Program of Nurse Anesthesia

Attention: Loida Calapatia
1540 Alcazar Street
Center for Health Professions, Suite 205
Los Angeles, CA 90089-9012

The program application cycle opens July 1st and closes September 30th. Only completed applications received during the application period will be considered. The applicant’s responsibility is to ensure the program or university has received all required documents.

Important: Transcripts and other essential documents can only be indexed to completed university and supplemental applications.

The program reviews completed applications. Qualified applicants are invited for an interview in December. Program interviews are limited to approximately 50 qualified applicants to fill up to 24 seats. Admission decisions are made after all interviews are completed. The program sends acceptance notifications by early January. An alternate list is generated and utilized every year. The program does not disclose applicant rankings.

 *Returning candidates must submit a new application with the following information:

  1. Updated postsecondary school transcripts (if applicable)
  2. A current resume or curriculum vitae
  3. A new, completed (signed) shadow verification form
  4. A current RN license (California must be in place before program matriculation)
  5. A new, completed statement of purpose answering both questions.
  6. A non-refundable $75 USC program application fee made payable to the USC Program of Nurse Anesthesia

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