32nd Annual Research Symposium

32nd Annual OBGYN Research Symposium

On April 20th, 2018, the 32nd annual research forum was held in the Keck School of Medicine Aresty Auditorium. The guest professor/speaker was Erin Saleeby, MD, PhD, Director DHS Women’s Health Programs and Interim OB/GYN Chair, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. She presented an insightful lecture on Implementation Science: Aligning Academics with the Public Sector.

Following Dr. Saleeby’s talk, the Year 3 residents succinctly presented 7 studies. The topics included: insulin requirements between GDM and pre-GDM patients receiving antenatal corticosteroids (Dr. Mitchell), the reliability of fundal heights measures in obese pregnant women (Dr. Lachica), marijuana use in pregnancy – prevalence and perceived harms (Dr. Nakamaru), marijuana use and hyperemesis gravidarum – assessing infant outcomes (Dr. Johnson), cervical management prior to second trimester D&E (Dr. Economou), nivolumab use for BRCA gene mutation carriers with recurrent epithelial ovarian CA (Dr. Spragg), and testicular CA in DES-exposed males (Dr. Holm). A Q&A session followed each presentation. The resident responses were clear and cogent.

After lunch, there were three graduating fellow presentations: impact of imatinib on placental epigenetics and reproductive potential (Dr. Salem, REI), potential emergency contraception of the etonogestrel/ethinyl estradiol (AFTER) ring (Dr. Crabtree-Sokol, FP), and neonatal hypoglycemia after initiation of late preterm antenatal corticosteroids (Dr. Uquillas, MFM).

The informative day concluded with a FROGS-hosted reception during which Dr. Raquel Arias received the first annual FROGS Award.