Join our 2019 Monthly Wellness Challenge!

September 30, 2019

The monthly challenges are a fun way to set health oriented challenges for ourselves to alter habits without taking a massive undertaking. It often doesn’t take drastic changes to impact one’s health. In part, the challenges maybe changing habit to decrease calories or impact weight but it is also a mental/emotional challenge that can create a different space or perspective. September’s challenge was as step challenge—10,000 steps per day. Please email us and tell us how the challenge went for you and what impact it had.

October 2019: Individual Choice

Take the challenge—challenging yourself can push your boundaries and get you out of your comfort zone. It can create awareness, increase your mental strength, provide opportunities for growth, enhance your physical health, allow you to build a better financial goal, improve your relationships, have more fun, gain a new experience, or just give you something to achieve. For October, the choice is yours—to make it has difficult or easy as you would like.

Challenge Ideas:

  • Keep a daily journal—could be a food or spiritual journal to track and reflect on your emotions or behaviors
  • Sobertober—choose to omit alcohol for the month and find other ways to socialize or reduce stress
  • Caffeine Free—drop the daily cup of joe or soda; reduces spending and/or calories
  • Take the Stairs—choose a reasonable goal; a certain amount of flights or always do the flight of stairs to and from your car
  • Carpool or Public Transportation—commit to carpooling, using public transportation, or biking to work daily
  • Meditation—try meditation daily; start slow and build up
  • Social Media Free—stay off social media and instead call or meet up with family/friends
  • No Candy/Chocolate—October is the month for candy and Halloween—what better a real challenge than to not consume those yummy bite size morsels!
  • Something New Daily—try something new and different to do every day like go to a movie or dinner by yourself, talk to someone in the elevator, no devices for a day, go to a new dance or exercise class, ask someone new to lunch, try a new food

Please email Keck Wellness if you have any questions: