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The Office of Academic Support Services provides an array of resources to help all Keck Medical School students retain and master their curriculum throughout their four years of medical training. This goal is accomplished through the implementation of support services catering to the individual needs of students, and best practices in helping them retain and sustain complex curriculum content.

One on One student support includes:

  • Academic Coaching
  • How to approach the Foundation of Medical Sciences and 1-2 year subject exams
  • Strategies on active learning via textbooks and integration of notes
  • Identifying appropriate resources to retain and sustain complex curriculum content
  • Formatting notes to third order recognition
  • Best practices in previewing instructors notes and lecture objectives
  • Developing Study Schedules

To schedule an appointment with Donovan Roy, please contact April Campbell at 323-442-2420 or


Peer-Led Review Sessions

The Office of Academic Support Services has diverse series of peer-led review sessions that are facilitated by high-performing upperclassmen. The peer review sessions are an ecosystem of programs geared towards group learning in a relaxed and interactive environment.

Keck Peer Instruction Program (KPIP)
Second year Medical Students lead Year 1 Peer Review Sessions that help first year medical students retain lecture materials. The most crucial information is reviewed in a relaxed setting, from the perspective of students who have mastered the material. All sessions are 2-hour subject-specific interactive lectures. They are co-taught by pairs of MS2s who have signed up to teach a particular subject throughout the year. Sessions will usually take place in the first- year MDLs and occasionally in a McKibben (the MDL building) lecture hall.

Keck Online Learning Initiative (KOLI)
Keck Online Learning Initiative (KOLI) KOLI is a study tool based on the principles of spaced repetition and multiple learning modalities. Users enter data in a certain format and the program will provide flashcard, multiple choice, matching, and mini-game studying modes. A team of second year medical students, Content Creators, develop study sets based on each of the first year lectures. This is a resource for any Keck students who are interested in assessing their retention of curriculum content. KOLI is not design to be used as a primary tool of learning but rather as a self-assessment tool.

Keck Anatomy Mentorship Program (KAMP)
Keck Anatomy Mentorship Program (KAMP) KAMP is a mentorship between first and second-year Keck students. The second-year students met with their two mentees once a week in Keck’s Gross Anatomy lab for one hour. There are ten second-year mentors and twenty-one first-year mentees.

Step 1 Bootcamp
Step 1 Bootcamp is a peer-led review session that offers second year students a structured high-yield lecture series in a relaxing atmosphere.The peer-led USMLE small group sessions teach students how to strategize and dissect clinical vignette-type questions. Small groups consist of three participants, plus an instructor.

Step 2 CK Study Preparation
Third-year Keck students meet with Academic Support Services to develop a study plan to structure their Step 2 CK preparation. A student who is at-risk meets with the director of Academic Support Services once a week.

Clerkship Review Sessions
Every core clerkship has a review session and is facilitated by fourth-year medical students. The reviews are held during Year 3 and students have an opportunity to meet with a clerkship instructor individually. There are nine required clerkships during the Year 3- Year 4 continuum:

Director’s Information:
Donovan Roy, MS
Director of Academic Support Services, Office of Student Affairs
USC Keck School of Medicine