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Our ability to conduct leading-edge research, develop the best technology, and raise the standard of treatment and care depends – in part – on private support from grateful patients, our community, and friends like you.

We invite you to consider making a gift. You will be investing in our endeavor to bridge the gap between what we know, and what we need to know. Promising medical insights and breakthroughs are made possible through the support of donors, we are thankful and for your consideration.

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We would love to meet with you to discuss your interests further. This might include a lab tour and/or brief discussions with key faculty, if you are interested. If you would like to learn more about what our Department may be able to offer you, please contact:

Brooke Glazer, MPA
Senior Director of Development, Otolaryngology
Phone: (323) 240-7353

How You Can Help

Selected examples of how your support can embolden our department to improve the lives of countless individuals in Southern California and beyond include:

Help Cure Hearing Loss

When a patient experiences hearing loss – either temporary or permanent – their ability to connect with the world around them is compromised. Hearing loss is likely due to progressive loss of the sensory hair cells within the cochlea that are responsible for converting the mechanical energy of sound vibrations into electrical signals that are passed to the brain via the auditory nerve. At USC, our Department has invested heavily in research into sensorineural hearing loss and our team spends a great deal of time and resources to understand the mechanisms of progressive hearing loss. We are considered a world-wide leader in this research.

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Help Cure Head & Neck Cancer

Life changes dramatically when a patient is diagnosed with cancer, with challenges that extend beyond physical needs. Head and neck cancer can be particularly difficult because if affects speaking and swallowing. Our ongoing research is designed to improve the care of these issues and to develop novel ways that better treat the underlying cancer. Furthermore, we are working to develop a basic science understanding of how cancer forms, and the body can be used to fight and cure cancer.

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Help Improve ENT Patient Outcomes

Fundamentally, patients come to Keck for care that will improve their quality of life. We do outcomes research in all areas of ENT to determine the treatment strategies that best improve quality of life. These areas include obstructive sleep apnea and snoring, singing and vocalization, swallowing, sinus and allergy diseases, and cosmetic facial plastics. With many clinical and scientific research studies underway, our team is working towards a goal that is two-fold: to measure patient outcomes and adjust clinical practices to ensure we are always offering our patients the very best. Donors make these offerings – which will transform healthcare in the decades to come – possible.

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