About the Department of Pathology


The department’s vision is to shape the future of pathology as it is practiced.

The Department of Pathology aims to shape the future of pathology as it will be practiced in community hospitals, academic medical centers and clinical laboratories throughout the country. Pathologists practicing in hospital and clinical laboratories have access to knowledge gained from the examination and treatment of large numbers of patients. As consultant physicians, they apply this knowledge to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of individual patients. As medical scientists, they make contributions that advance the understanding of disease. As teachers, they impart this knowledge of disease to their medical colleagues, to house staff and to students. The Department of Pathology at the Keck School of Medicine is dedicated to training physicians to be outstanding teachers, researchers, diagnosticians and managers in the field of laboratory medicine. The pathologists trained by our department are prepared to play key roles in advancing patient care by improving the quality assurance practices of hospitals through their leadership on numerous committees, such as infection control and tumor boards, and by serving as valuable resources for other physicians around the clock.

Our Mission

The Department of Pathology provides a rich environment for graduate education in which our students can receive comprehensive training in many areas of both the basic and clinical sciences as they relate to pathologic mechanisms. Our goal is to provide a dynamic and flexible program in research, so that we can help physicians and scientists of different levels prepare for successful careers and to meet the needs of society.