Shannon Mumenthaler

Edie Bucar
Medical Biology PhD Candidate

Edie Bucar joined the PIBBS program in the fall of 2016. She is currently enrolled in the Medical Biology PhD program and works in the lab directed by Mark Frey, PhD, at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Edie chose PIBBS because it emphasizes the value of high-caliber medical biology research.

Edie is inspired by everything about science. She is motivated by the desire to study the underlying molecular mechanisms of human health and disease. She is also inspired by the acquisition of potentially lifesaving knowledge through basic science. Edie is fascinated with understanding how the balance of multiple factors must be carefully regulated in intestinal homeostasis and how disruption of these processes can result in diseases.

As a graduate student, her days consist of lots of coffee, planning and executing experiments, attending seminars, discussing results and ideas with colleagues, reading scientific literature and mentoring her undergraduate students. According to Edie, the PIBBS program provides career preparation by offering numerous professional development workshops, networking events and learning opportunities. The opportunities available through PIBBS are also tailored to help participants hone the skills they need to be successful scientists. Edie is a founding member of the Health Science Mentors Club and continues to mentor youth in collaboration with the Violence Intervention program. Edie is also a PIBBS ambassador and mentors first-year PIBBS students. She recently attended the summer program in computational genomics offered at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Edie is a recipient of the Roy E. Thomas Fellowship, which allowed her to attend the SACNAS and ABRCMS conferences and connect with prospective students.

Edie manages her stress levels as a graduate student by sharing lots of laughs with fellow lab members, listening to music and attending concerts. She also manages a women’s disc golf club and hosts annual breast cancer fundraisers. Edie’s main objective is to become an effective, well-rounded and highly trained research scientist. Overall, Edie is grateful for all of the opportunities available through the PIBBS program.