Lisa Yan

Lisa Yan, PhD
Genetic, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Lisa Yan, PhD, is a principal quality lab associate in a center-led team for global quality control and global microbiology at Shire PLC. Lisa has worked at Shire PLC for three years. In her current role, Lisa harmonizes microbial procedures, conducts network calls and serves as a subject matter expert for microbial contaminations, audits and inspections. A typical morning for Lisa consists of calls regarding team meetings, projects, industry work streams, investigations and vendor support. Afternoons are filled with team projects, evaluating technology for microbiology, building business cases and micro-related networking activities.

At first, Lisa was not sure how she would feel about working in the industry, but after her experiences over the last three years, she now knows that this was the right choice. Lisa believes the PIBBS program allowed her access to different areas of research. The first-year lab rotations were among her favorite things about the program. One of the most important things the PIBBS program did to prepare her for her career was the public speaking workshops, which also offered opportunities to reinforce the skill. Her advice to current doctoral students is to take advantage of every opportunity to improve your public speaking skills.

Her words of encouragement to those nearing the end of their program are: “Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find a job immediately. Take your time and ask for help from your peers, network and send your resume to recruiters and recruiting companies. Keep your options open and don’t wait until you graduate to start applying for jobs. Also, be sure to take advantage of company stock options and 401K.”