Rosanne Melikian, PhD, MSRS

Rosanne Melikian, PhD, MSRS, RAS ’10
Genetic, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Rosanne Melikian is the director of regulatory affairs at Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision. As an undergraduate, she participated in a summer research program and toured Allergan’s Irvine location. Rosanne was able to see firsthand how scientific research can lead to a health care product that can make a direct and positive impact on a patient’s life. It was there she realized she wanted a career in industry over academia. As a director of regulatory affairs, she manages a team of professionals and the entire Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision implants products portfolio. She meets with stakeholders and regulatory affairs departments including, the US Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada and European Notified Bodies. She also reviews and edits regulatory submissions used to support approval of medical devices and clinical trials to various governmental agencies.

Rosanne believes that the PIBBS program helped to prepare her for her career by offering rigorous coursework, critical thinking training, rotations through different research labs and a forum to hone her presentation skills. Her favorite aspect of the PIBBS program was the opportunity to rotate through different research labs, which was an invaluable experience for her. Each rotation provided valuable lessons in science, collaboration, working in different teams and the ability to adapt and learn a new field of study in a relatively short period of time. According to Rosanne, says the PIBBS program was a great way to explore different areas of study in the school of medicine. It also gave her the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships.

Her advice for students nearing graduation would be to explore the wide range of opportunities available to them as scientists. Also, to keep an open mind in discovering new areas where they can use their skills and talents to find a fulfilling career. Among Rosanne’s goals are to continue to grow in her career, develop a team of regulatory professionals and to incorporate a scientific approach to regulatory affairs.