REDI Council Mission

Established in 2020, the Race Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council (REDI Council) in the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences seeks to create and maintain a culture of learning and health promotion that empowers students, faculty, staff, and research participants of historically minoritized communities and uproots the manifestations of racism that appear in academia and health care.

What does the REDI Council do?

    Identifies opportunities for improvement

    The Council conducts annual audits in areas like recruitment and admissions, course curriculum, sociocultural awareness, mentorship, promotional practices, and department culture.

    Provides evidence-based recommendations

    The Council provides recommendations to the Department with the goal of encouraging learning and accountability. These recommendations help to sustain and develop pipeline programs for students and faculty, as well as other training and support opportunities.

    Oversees implementation

    The Council works with the Department on implementation of recommendations, to advise on method and be sure action is taken in a timely manner.