The bigger picture of population health.

Our research mission is to conduct cutting edge research into the etiology and prevention of disease focusing on those conditions and those causative and preventive factors for which treatment may have a substantial public health impact; to develop new biologic and analytic methodologies to better understand disease etiology, treatment and prevention strategies; to develop efficacious community based programs to promote the public health of the diverse populations of the California and Pacific Rim region and test their effectiveness in representative environments; and to promote effective dissemination of state-of-the-science programs in prevention to serve the populations at need.

The department’s research focus is broad and encompassing, reflecting the scope of population health and preventive medicine, from a local to national and even global scale. While its activities and educational mission intersect with interests of faculty in other departments and schools within the University, the department is special for its transdisciplinarity and broad reach into the School of Medicine and the University. It has moved from being primarily a home to population oriented researchers focused on cancer to a highly multidisciplinary department with broad research and educational activities. Domains of research and education covered by its faculty include cancer, respiratory and ophthalmic epidemiology; genetics, biostatistics and statistical genetics; clinical trials and population based studies; bioinformatics; childhood obesity; environmental health; health promotion and disease prevention; addictions; and global health. Our faculty collaborates widely across the Keck School of Medicine and the University and play key roles in a number of School and University wide initiatives, including the Norris Cancer Center and the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). The department’s faculty are widely recognized and provide extensive public service locally, nationally, and internationally.