Training & Education


Inspiring future public health leaders to act, engage and make a difference.

The Department of Preventive Medicine trains undergraduate, medical, and graduate students in the areas of biostatistics, epidemiology, health behavior research, and public health. The undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the Department of Preventive Medicine are noteworthy for the extensive opportunities offered to the students for involvement in faculty research. Student opportunities to take part in diverse research programs are bolstered by both the department training philosophy and its emphasis on interdisciplinary research and collaborations. Across the department, postdoctoral researchers are training to assume the positions as tomorrow’s leaders in preventive medicine.

The small classes, one-on-one mentoring relationships and numerous research opportunities offered by internationally recognized faculty make this program one of the best of its kind. Faculty in the Department of Preventive Medicine are recognized as international leaders in interdisciplinary research and training in epidemiology and prevention science, and for more than 20 years have developed research and educational programs that have addressed the complex public health needs in local, national and international settings.