Sample Preparation and Submission Guidelines

Sample Preparation Requirements for SDS-gel:

Use HPLC grade reagents for all steps.

  1. Use glass dishes for all staining procedures.
  2. After gel staining, scan the gels and bring a picture of the gel and the gel itself in a glass dish in 1% Acetic acid/H2O. Core staff member will cut the band(s) from the gel!
  3. Wear powder-free gloves at all times when preparing the protein samples, running the gel, and during the staining procedures. Remember the cleaner the sample (NO KERATIN OR OTHER CONTAMINANTS) the higher the quality of the MS data will be.
  4. For preparation of protein samples for in-solution digest consult Core Staff. To submit a sample please fill the FORM and bring the form with your sample to the facility at HMR 511. Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 09:00AM – 05:00PM.

Protocols for gel staining.