My Mental Health

pPatient with Therapist

Our Initiative

The Department of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at Keck School of Medicine of USC is spearheading a landmark universal screening process to identify student’s mental health and wellness needs and match them with appropriate services.

We are closely partnering with USC Student Health to create care pathways and personalized resources for students who chose to participate in the assessment. Department of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences Faculty and trainees in Counseling and Mental Health Services at Student Health will provide services. We hope to break down barriers to receiving mental health care services and provide a welcoming environment for all students.

Providing the right service

In the right place

At the right time

Delivered by the right person

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Our Goal

As a National Beacon for Student Mental Health Services, we aim to enhance targeted outreach and offer customized care through the My Mental Health Assessment. We strive to provide timely access and ensure that all communities have access to meet their needs.