Basic Science Research


International research leaders in clinical psychiatry, translational research, health services research and the neurosciences

Partnerships with a network of community agencies, health care leaders and regional academic institutions help us leverage science, innovation, and leadership – and to develop new ways to practice. Our research faculty engage in the “best questions” for achieving targeted outcomes and develop processes for quality and self-improvement for the practice of psychiatry.

Brain Imaging and Parkinson’s Disease

Utilizing brain imaging in rodent behavior models of pain, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, fear, and exercise.

Daniel Holschneider, MD

Cognitive Behavior and Electrophysiological Networks

Evaluating the role of electrophysiological networks involved in NMDA receptor hypofunction and utilizing deep brain stimulation to improve cognitive behavior in rodent models.

Darrin Lee, MD, PhD

Developmental Signaling Networks

Determining how psychiatric disorder candidate risk factors are functionally integrated at the synapse and how mutations affect their function, not individually, but in developmental signaling network.

Marcelo Coba, PhD

Drug Discovery

Utilizing data mining algorithms to screen hundreds of drugs for efficacy in datasets of nearly 1 million treated patients to identify those mostly likely to slow the progression of Alzheimer disease and to generate new leads for future clinical trials.

Lon Schneider, MD, MS

Molecular Genetics of Neurocognitive Function

Studying the biological and genetic basis of severe psychiatric illnesses across the lifespan.

Joey W. Trampush, PhD

Schizophrenia and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Studying animal models of circuitry and cellular function linked to psychosis. Leading studies of autoimmune causes of psychosis. Collaborating with neurosurgery to examine use of transcranial stimulation in treating OCD, depression, and schizophrenia.

Steven Siegel, MD, PhD

Transitional Age Brain Development

Examining brain-based mechanisms and environmental effects on brain development in transitional age groups.

Bradley Peterson, MD