Rotation Facilities

The General Psychiatry Residency Training Program benefits from access to a variety of diverse locations for optimizing clinical, educational, and research activities.

The USC Health Sciences Campus

USC is a large private university with two campuses located approximately seven miles apart. The University Park campus is southwest of downtown Los Angeles; the Health Sciences Campus is home to the Keck School of Medicine, which has slightly more than 700 students, and the School of Pharmacy. Also on campus are three modern private hospitals: the Keck Hospital of USC, the Norris Cancer Hospital, and the Doheny Eye Hospital. In 2003, the Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute Building opened to promote multidisciplinary research into the underlying causes of neurologic and psychiatric disorders.

In 2007, a new department headquarters was opened on the second floor of the Clinical Sciences Center (CSC) on Alcazar Street. The new headquarters houses core administrative and research offices, the home to the Department Chair, and provide space for resident lectures. The Residency Training Program offices are located in the Outpatient Department Building near the General Hospital. A resident lounge for both work related activities and relaxation/social time has workstations with computers, a fax machine/printer/scanner, a refrigerator, microwave, and casual seating area.

On the USC Health Sciences Campus, residents provide consultation and ambulatory care services at Keck Hospital of USC and USC Healthcare Centers 1 and 2. Additional adult and adolescent inpatient services are provided at two off-site facilities. Rotations at USC-affiliated VA facilities in downtown and West Los Angeles allow for specialized training in addiction and geriatric psychiatry. Finally, a partnership with the LAC Department of Mental Health provides unique opportunities for understanding the delivery of mental health care to underserved communities.

The LAC+USC Medical Center

The LAC+USC Medical Center is a vast complex of county medical facilities located immediately across the street from the USC Health Sciences Campus. The large, iconic, art deco General Hospital that was once the cornerstone of clinical care and graduate medical education was replaced in November of 2008 with a brand new, state-of-the-art, 600-bed Replacement Hospital.

The LAC+USC Medical Center serves a vital training mission, providing residency education for over 800 physicians annually, including 60 in psychiatry training programs. Residency training programs are sponsored by the LAC+USC Medical Center, and residency positions are funded by LAC. The medical center’s size, abundance of rich clinical experiences, and expertise in medical education have established the LAC+USC Medical Center as a dominant medical influence in Southern California for several decades.

Most clinical psychiatric services are based at the new LAC+USC General Hospital, which houses the Psychiatric Emergency Service, Consultation-Liaison Service, and Medical-Psychiatric Inpatient Unit; an adjacent Clinic Tower houses the Adult Outpatient Clinic.