About the Department of Radiology

Dedicated to expanding the boundaries of medical imaging

The Department of Radiology is adding to its proud tradition of providing excellent clinical imaging and patient care by continuing to expand its research program and facilities, growing it into a premiere national program.

Radiology is by nature a collaborative specialty. Ours is a truly diverse environment, serving the indigent in large numbers, working with oncologic patients and providing imaging and intervention for complex patients.

Facts & Figures

  • More than 40 residents in diagnostic radiology residency program – making it one of the largest and most competitive in the country.
  • More than 65 full-time faculty members
  • 9 fellowship programs
  • 18 fellows
  • The Molecular Imaging Center has secured over 50 grants since 2009.
radiology facts

Our Mission

We value the diversity in patients that we treat and maintain a strong, inclusive culture by recruiting faculty with strong academic interests. An expectation of professionalism and productivity extends to clinical care, research and training. Aspects of professionalism we stress include cultural sensitivity, communication skills, compassion, accountability and commitment to career-long quality improvement. We maintain consistent departmental leadership by providing mentoring for all faculty and students.