The Office of Research Advancement provides support for research grant proposal development. The entire Research Advancement team contributes to implementation of these services for both students and faculty. It is our goal to be as helpful as possible. We can help with letters of support, finding collaborators for specific project needs, funding opportunities and finding writers to assist with general editing or to help when English is a second language.


Grant Proposal Development Services

Letters of Support, Institutional Facts & Figures

The Vice Dean for Research provides letters in support of grant applications and coordinates with the dean’s office for letters that must be signed by the dean. She can also provide information about the school that might be needed for letters or proposals.

Teams, Mentors, Advisors

The Vice Dean for Research can assist investigators in finding collaborators for specific project needs, in finding mentors for various purposes (including career development and training awards), and in finding faculty members or other experts who can provide any necessary advice. The vice dean can also provide general grantsmanship advice or provide a referral.

Editing Services

Keck Research Advancement can find writers to assist with general editing or specifically to help when English is a second language.

Instructions, Budgets, Forms, Boilerplate Material

The Office of Research Administration within Keck Research Advancement provides assistance in interpreting instructions, constructing budgets, and finding/ completing forms. This office can also assist with boiler plate material such as is needed for grant proposal resource pages.

Institutional and Team Grants Support

Keck Research Advancement provides comprehensive support for development of institutional and team grant proposals, such as program project grants, center grants, and training grants. The office does not have a specific deadline for notification about need for institutional grants support services, however the more lead time that is given, the more help can be provided.

Institutionally Limited Grants Opportunities

These are competitions for awards by outside agencies for which USC can nominate only a limited number of candidates. Applications for any of the awards listed here must go through an internal review process and receive approval from the USC administration prior to submission to the sponsoring agency.

Foundation Funding Opportunities

The Keck School’s Office of Foundation Relations is eager to help individual faculty members identify specific foundation funding opportunities.

Funding Opportunities for Medical Students

The Director of Medical Student Research Training, is happy to provide medical students with specific assistance in finding research funding opportunities.