Institutionally-Limited Grants Opportunities

These are competitions for awards by outside agencies for which USC can nominate a limited number of candidates. Applications for any of the awards listed here must go through an internal review process and receive approval from the USC administration prior to submission to the sponsoring agency.

The internal USC selection process, coordinated through each school’s dean for research, typically takes place several weeks in advance of the external deadline, and faculty should indicate their interest in being considered for a given competition prior to the internal selection process being initiated.

Typically, Keck Research Advancement will issue by email a call for interested investigators. The office may also contact department chairs and institute directors for candidate suggestions.

Investigators interested in applying for any of the awards should contact us well ahead of the sponsor’s deadline. Gigi Petrovich serves as the point of contact, please click the link on her name to email her.

Please see the Vice President for Research website for a list of institutionally-limited grants opportunities, with deadlines.