The Office of Research Administration provides comprehensive support for development of institutional and team grant proposals, such as program project grants, center grants, and training grants.

About Grant Applications

Application support includes provision of boilerplate material, assistance with letters of support, writing and editing services, collection and editing of biosketches, coordination of data for tables, grant assembly, reviewing, and other support as needed.

Electronic Grant Submissions

Kuali Coues or “KC” for short is the new USC grant and contract proposal submission and development module of Total Access Research Administration (aka TARA).

All Keck proposals are required to be routed through the KC system. Faculty can log in to TARA/KC, review and affirm the project details (including personnel effort), and let the system route the proposal through Keck and USC approvals before it is submitted to the sponsor.

KC consists of the following elements:

  • Pre Award: Proposal generation, routing and submission; online approvals
  • KC Pre Award Guides
  • Post Award Management: Account establishment, award management and close-out; online progress report submissions
  •  PI Guide to KC Post Award
  •  KC Award: Where Is…?
  •  KC Researcher’s Post-Award Quick Guide
  • KC interfaces with the Kuali Financial System (KFS), which provides as general ledger, accounts payable, purchasing, capital asset management, cashiering, purchasing and effort certification. KC and KFS are fully integrated to facilitate the exchange of data between the two systems.

On-line training materials including a training video are available. Assistance is also available through the Keck Office of Research Administration (Keck KC Help Desk at 323-442-5915) during regular business hours.

If you are looking for help with your budget or assembling grant sections, contact Janet Stoeckert, Director of Research Administration.
Phone: (323) 442-3568