The Keck School of Medicine is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards for integrity among its entire research community.

Research Compliance Training is administered by the Office of Research Advancement. Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training denotes good citizenship in research conduct among students, faculty and staff as reflected in USC’s Code of Ethics. Those who report their work honestly, accurately, and objectively help maintain public trust in research and help convey the ethics of research to future generations of scholars.

Office of Compliance

The USC Office of Compliance is an important resource in helping the research community implement and adhere to the broad range of university policies and state and federal regulations related to the conduct of sponsored research. Our priority is to help the USC research community act as a responsible steward of federal and private research support.

Specific areas of expertise include, among others:

  • Conflicts of Interest related to research
  • Sponsor-specific compliance requirements
  • Scientific integrity issues, including scientific misconduct, data management, and authorship
  • Research ethics training requirements and offerings

Scientific Misconduct

Investigators are expected to conduct research with the highest ethical standards. Allegations of plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification are taken seriously. USC expects all personnel to adhere to the highest ethical standards both in the conduct of research and in the management of related data.

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Guidelines and Documents for Research