Join our 2019 Monthly Wellness Challenge!

August 30, 2019

The monthly challenges are a fun way to set health oriented challenges for ourselves to alter habits without taking a massive undertaking. It often doesn’t take drastic changes to impact one’s health. In part, the challenges maybe changing habit to decrease calories or impact weight but it is also a mental/emotional challenge that can create a different space or perspective. August’s challenge was to remember to wear your sunscreen! Please email us and tell us how the challenge went for you and what impact it had.

September 2019: Step Challenge—10,000 steps per day

Take the challenge—set a target for 10,000 or more steps each day! Regular exercise has so many benefits and walking is an easy, low impact way to stay physically active. Benefits of walking include weight management, increased energy, tone muscles, heart health, and improved metabolism to name a few. Setting daily goals can be a fun way to motivate you to meet the recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise. The average person walks 3000-4000 steps each day. Increasing your steps (brisk walk) to 10,000 will help you burn 300-400 kcals per day.

Tips to succeed:

  • Be mindful—think about your daily routine and evaluate where you can fit it in
  • Grab a friend—set a goal with a friend and discuss your plan
  • Aim to add a 1,000 steps every few days to work toward the 10,000 goal
  • Involve your family—make it family time
  • Try walking meetings—meeting with just one other person; walk and talk
  • Park farther away or walk instead of taking the shuttle/bus—set a goal to not take the shuttle for a month!
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator—commit to taking the stairs if you are going up or down less than 2 flights!
  • Put in your calendar to remind you
  • Compete with other departments
  • Sign up for the American Heart Association Walk at

Please email Keck Wellness if you have any questions: