Students singled out for work on ‘Teaching COVID-19’ projects

KSOM sponsored a special course on the COVID-19 pandemic in April and May. It was broad in scope and covered topics ranging from the biology of viruses, the epidemiology and the history pandemics, the clinical presentation and treatment considerations, ethics, the disproportionate effects on vulnerable populations, and the resultant changes in the health care system itself.

Some 200 students worked in groups of 10 to develop a proposal to address one problem related to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of the class, 20 different project proposals were presented to faculty reviewers on a wide range of issues. The student groups developed proposals on clinical issues, testing, resources for small businesses, policy interventions and educating at risk groups on COVID-19 among many others. The assignment was to develop proposed solutions to difficult problems, and it is remarkable how, with limited knowledge and time, students were able to propose such innovative ideas for this and future pandemics. 

The faculty reviewers scored each of the group projects based on merit, creativity, and feasibility. After reviewing the 20 projects, five were selected for special commendation and will be offered consultation with Dr. Cousineau, Gehr faculty and others to promote turning their proposals into achievable projects. We congratulate the five groups selected for special recognition.

Here are those projects and the students who worked on them:


Project Title

Group Members

ICE Detention Centers: Health & Safety Amidst COVID-19

Sneha Panganamamula, Katharine Stiers, Kelli Stager, Sarah Herrera, Camille Ashbaugh, Evan Locke, Nicole Vestal, Dennis Chen, Emmy Jin, Felix Amirfathi


Wholesome Wave: A Proposal for Student Collaboration with the LAC+USC Wellness Center to Address Food Insecurity in Local Communities 

Karen Opara, Hugo Padilla, Dristi Angdembey, Stephanie Chang, John Hartzheim, Jonathan Liu, Deborah Im, Erik Vanstrum, Andrew Tran


How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact hospital visits related to EtOH-related disorders compared to previous years?

Matt Cummins, Jessica Van Fleet, Arthi Rao, David Basta, Emily Chan, Rishi Rawat, Tochukwu Madu, Yalun Zhang, Bing April Pei


A Pamphlet Guide for Telehealth Apps

Hojean Yoon, Celeste Kim, Pradeep Nadeswaran, Sammy Sayed, Senxi Du, Tyler Dowd, Patrick Sammons, Cory Schlabs


Approaches to Help Uninsured Americans Receive Healthcare Related to COVID-19 and future pandemics

Brandon Fields, Brandon Yoshida, Ivy Song, Kairav Sinha, Katherine Halper, Krista Lamorie-Foote, Louis Nguyen, Neal Nathan, Nia Carty