Current Residents

Recent Graduates

As seen below our graduates usually will seek out additional fellowship training at top training programs across the country. Over the past ten years, approximately 95% of our graduates seek additional training and specialty board certifications.

Graduation Year Specialty Fellowship/Practice
2023 Vascular USC
2023 Critical Care UC Davis
2023 Breast Surgical Onc Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
2023 General Surgery USC
2023 Trauma/Critical Care Ryder Trauma Center Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami
2022 Bariatric Surgery Fellowship Kaiser South Sacramento
2022 Trauma/Critical Care Ryder Trauma Center Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami
2022 Cardiothoracic Surgery University of Virginia Charlottesville
2022 Burns and Critical Care LAC+USC Medical Center
2022 Colorectal Surgery Ohio Health Grant Medical Hospital
2022 Cardiothoracic Surgery Loyola University Medical Center
2022 Colorectal Surgery University of Massachusetts
2021 Abdominal Transplant Georgetown University
2021 Trauma/Critical Care Brigham and Women’s
2021 Advanced MIS/Bariatric Surgery Ohio State University
2021 Trauma/Critical Care Oregon Health Sciences University
2021 Abdominal Transplant Stanford University
2021 Colorectal Surgery Washington University
2021 Vascular Surgery University of Washington
2021 Breast Surgery Emory University
2021 Colorectal Surgery University of Miami
2021 Pediatric Surgery UT Houston
2020 Thoracic Surgery University of Pittsburgh
2020 Pediatric Surgery Oregon Health Sciences University
2020 General Surgery Navy – Yokosuka, Japan
2020 Vascular Surgery USC – Early Specialized Fellowship
2020 Colorectal Surgery Washington University
2020 Private Practice Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2020 Colorectal Surgery USC
2020 Abdominal Transplant Cleveland Clinic
2019 Vascular Surgery Boston University Medical Center
2019 Abdominal Transplant USC
2019 Plastic Surgery USC
2019 Abdominal Transplant Georgetown University
2019 Surgical Critical Care Baylor College of Medicine
2018 Private Practice Pasadena, CA
2018 Trauma/Critical Care University of Miami
2018 Trauma/Critical Care University of Maryland
2018 Trauma/Critical Care University of Miami
2018 Vascular Surgery Loma Linda University
2018 Vascular Surgery USC
2018 Advanced MIS/Bariatric Surgery Tulane University
2017 Colorectal Surgery Cook County Stroger Hospital
2017 Thoracic Surgery University of Virginia
2017 Vascular Surgery USC – Early Specialized Fellowship
2017 Colorectal Surgery University of Florida Hospital
2017 Vascular Surgery University of Oklahoma
2017 Colorectal Surgery Washington University
2017 Surgical Critical Care University of Pennsylvania
2016 Colorectal Surgery USC
2016 Advanced MIS/Bariatric Surgery UC, San Diego
2016 Endocrine Surgery UC, San Francisco
2016 Breast Surgery USC
2016 Thoracic Surgery University of Michigan
2016 Vascular Surgery Wake Forest
2015 Thoracic Surgery Loma Linda University
2015 Plastic Surgery Stanford
2015 Vascular Surgery Weill Cornell
2015 General Surgery USC
2015 Trauma/Critical Care University of Pennsylvania
2015 Trauma/Critical Care Cedars Sinai Medical Center
2015 Vascular Surgery USC
2014 Cardiothoracic Surgery USC
2014 Pediatric Surgery Montreal Children’s Hospital
2014 Private Practice Chattanooga, TN
2014 Vascular Surgery Massachusetts General Hospital
2014 Vascular Surgery North Shore University
2013 Cardiothoracic Surgery Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
2013 Cardiothoracic Surgery UC, San Francisco
2013 Advanced MIS/Bariatric Surgery Beth Israel Deaconess
2013 Advanced MIS/Bariatric Surgery Stanford
2013 Vascular Surgery USC
2013 Vascular Surgery UC, San Francisco
2013 Vascular Surgery New York University