The Community Scholars Collaborative on Health Equity (CHES Collaborative), funded by the Collaboration Fund and the Center for Health Equity in the Americas hosted at the USC Health Science campus in East Los Angeles, Dr. Sujit K. Brahmochary from the Indian Institute for Mother and Child. Dr. Sujit spoke to students and faculty on his life-long mission to providing health services, educational opportunities, and social justice for the most impoverished populations in India. His organization, the Institute for Indian Mother and Child, which began as a single outdoor clinic has now grown to encompass a hospital, 6 outreach clinics, and 32 schools that delivers care to more than 300,000 families each year. In his talk, Dr. Sujit detailed his life journey including being Medical Director for Mother Teresa of Calcuta. He spoke about his relentless obligation to helping the poor. His unwavering devotion to aiding those living in poverty-stricken conditions derives partly from his time working closely with Mother Teresa. She and Ghandy are the inspiration for his work. Dr. Sujit remains diligent in his work to increasing literacy, peace, solidarity, child and maternal health in India. Following his talk, Dr. Sujit spoke directly with students and professors on the different ways that they can be a part of his mission. This included being a student volunteer at one of his clinics for a month or possibly hosting entire practica at his institution in India. Thank you Dr. Sujit for sharing you story with us and the tremendous work you continue do for the poorest rural communities in India.