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Great science rarely happens in a vacuum. Outstanding biomedical research is typically the result of a strong foundation of support from various sources. In many cases, this support is the spark that ignites the opportunities towards new cures and approaches to improve the lives of patients. Strong and sustained philanthropic support is tantamount to our ability to complete our mission and realize our vision of intentional integration between basic discovery science and clinical research. The University of Southern California welcomes you to become a part of our journey to innovations in health care.

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Your gift to the Department of Translational Genomics advances our priorities:

The most important and impactful improvements to patient care have been catalyzed by groundbreaking biomedical research. The foundation of our program is the design and implementation of world class biomedical research studies whose results help to catalyze transformative patient care. The major themes of our translational department include Advanced Genomics Research, Biomedical Informatics, and Diversity. Our faculty have laid the groundwork and established innovative translational research to address medical issues for a variety of diseases including cancer and neurological disorders.

Departmental and external grant funding has helped to create preliminary studies in support of our research goals. We hope to continue to build these programs to ensure long term success and sustainability. Therefore, we need your help. With your support, our scientists will have the much-needed resources to be creative towards the development of novel research ideas to improve the lives of our patients by creating new tools to advance disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Your gift can be provided in a way to broadly support the Department of Translational Genomics or can be restricted to specific faculty or research programs.

Our department and faculty are dedicated to training the next generation of biomedical researchers in areas such as biotechnology and next generation bioinformatics and sequencing. In alignment with the educational priorities of USC and the Keck School of Medicine, we have developed innovative Master’s degree programs to educate biomedical professional students to be highly competitive for jobs in academia and the tech industries. Furthermore, our faculty advise PhD and MD students in support of their thesis research projects. Moreover, our faculty members also train fellows as they advance through their career development towards becoming independent scientists. With your generosity, we can provide funding to support our students by providing stipends and by creating new fellowship programs in Translational Research. Also, by supporting our faculty through philanthropy, we can provide critical resources to help them be efficient and more effective in their academic trajectory.

The cost of staying current and ahead of innovation in molecular and genomic technologies is extremely high. Very few mechanisms and opportunities are in place to provide much needed flexible resources for purchasing new tools for automation and high throughput state of the art technologies. We welcome your support in this area, which will allow us to maintain our competitive edge in discovery science and technology. It will ensure that USC remains at the forefront of innovation in research and patient care.

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The mission of the Department of Translational Genomics is to help the USC Keck School of Medicine realize its full potential in improving patient outcomes for all people, both within our medical school’s patient population and globally. We need your support in order to create and translate the paradigm-shifting research of our faculty to the world.

Please reach out to us to get a clearer picture of our research platform and to inquire about how you can help! Your support is mission critical in our ability to provide health care innovations to those who need it. To get more information, please contact:

Johnathan BillingerDirector of Development Keck Medicine of USC AdvancementUniversity of Southern California
Cell: 310-491-8309