Basic Science Research


The department prioritizes and is committed bench to bedside urology research

The department’s basic research activities are directed by Gangning Liang, PhD. All of the faculty members below have indicated their willingness to have urologic oncology fellows in their labs. Past fellows have worked in the laboratories of Drs. Jones, Coetzee and Pinski, among others.

Intramural Basic Science Research Activities (Partial List)

  • Gerhard Coetzee, PhD:  Androgen Receptor function in advanced prostate cancer; Unraveling the Mysteries of 8q24 and Risk to Multiple Cancers
  • Gangning Liang, PhD: Epigenetic Alterations in Pre-malignant Tissue of the Bladder; Determining the mechanistic and therapeutic roles of microRNAs in bladder cancer
  • Jacek Pinski, MD, PhD:  (medical oncology):  Comparison of Neuroendocrine (NE) Cell Differentiation of Normal Prostates between Ethnic Groups (DOD PC 051 259)
  • Amir Goldkorn, MD (medical oncology): Telomerase as a therapeutic target and as a predictive biomarker in GU malignancies, specifically in tumor sub-populations (cancer stem cells, circulating tumor cells)
  • Parkash Gill, MD (medical oncology):  Regulation of angiogenesis in bladder cancer; Eph4B expression in bladder and prostate cancer.
  • Mitchell Gross, MD, PhD (medical oncology):  Circulating markers to predict docetaxel-response in CRPC; Proteomic Approach to Understand Therapeutic Response to Cancer Treatments
  • Vicky Cortessis, PhD (Environmental, genetic, and molecular epidemiology): etiology of testis cancer and related conditions (cryptorchidism, hypospadias, sub-fertility) and bladder cancer; determinants of recurrence, late effects and resistance of these malignancies to systemic therapy.