Web Policy Guidelines and Governance

Keck School of Medicine of USC’s website is a representation of the identity and reputation of the school’s tremendous history, research, accomplishments and services it provides to the medical enterprise. We have visitors from all over the world in search of different information. To that point, the guidelines outlined in this document help to ensure the integrity of that information and present it in a fashion that allows users to find it quickly and intuitively.

Keck Medicine Web Services, part of public relations and marketing for the USC Health Sciences Campus, is primarily responsible for the content of the Keck School of Medicine website. Additionally, new project development and any strategic decisions are further decided and approved with the assistance of the dean’s office. The web services group is tasked with assisting departments, institutes, centers, programs and divisions with updating, maintaining and ensuring content is correctly represented for the enterprise.

Request for Updates and Changes

If updates are required for specific pages, please submit all requests here. Our team will respond within 48 hours (on business days) with either notification of the completed task or a timeline for completion.

All updates will be reviewed and verified by the public relations and marketing team, and in some cases the dean’s office, to ensure consistency with the university’s mission, brand and voice.

Use of Outside Web Developers is Prohibited

Keck School of Medicine departments, divisions, centers or programs cannot solicit, employ or engage any group, company, student, faculty member, staff member or resource to provide web development. However, a unit may choose to solicit writing support to create content and update content for their individual properties.

Projects launched without proper consultation or approval from either the dean’s office or the Keck Medicine of USC web team will be flagged to alert University Communications for appropriate measures and ultimate removal.

New Web Development Projects for the Keck School of Medicine

If the need arises to have a new program, center or institute added to the Keck School website, a formal request needs to be submitted here. Once approved by the dean’s office, the standard template and information architecture will be applied. This standardization helps to manage brand standards and overall visitor experience.

Depending on the project and scope, the Keck Medicine web team and dean’s office may respond with an estimate, which would be borne by the sponsoring department, before any research or work is begun. Upon beginning a new project, the Keck Medicine web team will set up content meetings, project manage and engineer the new web property.

Access to the Keck School Site to Make Changes

Currently we are suspending individual departmental access to make changes to the university-owned website (keck.usc.edu). This strategy is essential in maintaining the integrity of the content, design and digital representation of the Keck School.

Advertising and Posting of Non-Organizational Web Resources

Any advertising of services or merchandise that is not directly related to the Keck School is prohibited. This includes postings in news, site content, commercial vendor images, resource information and event postings. Any links recommended will be reviewed to avoid the perception that the Keck School is endorsing or promoting any service, physician or group.

Posting of Email Contact Information

To avoid the possibility of visitors sending non­secure personal health information, we highly recommend that individual units not post any departmental email addresses as part of individual unit contact information.

Posting of Detailed Clinical Services Information

Maintaining consistency and creating easy paths for our visitors to find required information is our main goal. Detailed patient services must reside on the KeckMedicine.org website and not on the Keck School website. However, links and references to these details of clinical activities should be linked from the Keck School to the Keck Medicine website.

Requesting Short URLs

Due to the information architecture and URL strategy of the Keck School site, the organic URL may be quite lengthy. Keck Medicine Web Services along with the help of USC ITS can assist in creating a short URL to help with easy access to your department, center, program or institute. Please contact our team and explain your needs by using this form.

Photo and Video Guidelines

Photo and video content should complement web content. As with all content, proper attribution, usage rights and permission is required for all video and photos submitted. This will include any Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act authorization and media consent forms for patients appearing in videos or photography. Be prepared to submit these documents or ask our team for guidance.

Please do not submit team or group photos for posting on unit sites. These photos become out of date quickly and require constant maintenance.

Web page video and photography should always be presented in the most professional way.

Web Governance for Faculty and Lab Websites

The Keck School does not host or provide technical support for the development of individual lab or faculty websites; however, these sites are permitted and held to the same graphic standards. They are, ultimately, a digital representation of the reputation of the university community. These groups must use the logos and guidance provided by the main USC Web Services at http://identity.usc.edu.

A request for individual lab or faculty websites must first be approved by the faculty member’s department chair or institute director. After this form is submitted and upon approval, members will be given access to the university’s software solution, provided through the Campus Press platform, to create their approved website. A Keck School branded template will be available for these websites. Technical support and hosting are provided through this Campus Press partner.

Requests for new URLs for lab websites must contain the word “lab.” For websites pertaining to faculty work, individual faculty URLs must include the last name of the faculty member. For example, xxxxxlab.usc.edu is appropriate for lab websites. Other URLs will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Use of PDFs and Other Downloadable Media

PDFs are encouraged as a means of reference material for visitors to download. All downloadable media must include contact information, so that visitors with questions can contact the appropriate party.

Please avoid any documents that may ask for patient identifying information that would result in the emailing of unsecure patient data and violating HIPAA guidelines.

Use of Logos or Graphic Representations of Names

The use of unit logos or graphic representations of names on web properties is strictly prohibited. Only text-­based names can be used in the typeface, font and size dictated by the template. Logos of partners that are associated with programs, centers or institutes must be vetted for use and may not appear in the upper third of the web page. The logo of these partners must always be smaller in size than the Keck School logo in the header of the page.