Mission & Vision


Dedicated to taking research from lab to clinic

Clinicians, physician-scientists along with researchers and trainees at all levels are dedicated to understanding the complexities of brain diseases and disorders, developing innovative therapies and ultimately discovering and translating cures from bench to bedside.

Our Mission

ZNI scientists are focused on deciphering the mysteries of disease mechanisms that impact brain function, particularly related to neurodegeneration and other devastating disorders. We see our collaborative efforts between physicians and scientists leading to preventive approaches that could reduce memory loss and other serious symptoms that occur as a result of brain diseases.

The hallmark of our vision is to create a highly participatory and creative scientific culture where investigators from a myriad of disciplines abandon their research silos and unite to conduct science research that matters to those affected by these diseases. At ZNI, we try to break through the typical barriers that separate the public from the scientific process, inviting the community to become catalysts in the discovery process by helping fund promising new research initiatives.

Core Values

The scientists of the Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute at the University of Southern California have an extraordinary and unwavering dedication to understanding the complexities of brain diseases and disorders that afflict millions of children and adults. Through scientific discovery, we aim to improve the lives of these individuals by embracing the core values of the ZNI that include:

  • Pursuing scientific knowledge with creativity and purpose
  • Disseminating information to scientists, practitioners, families and community leaders
  • Facilitating discoveries by ZNI scientists
  • Translating knowledge into practice