Recorded Seminars

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September 16, 2020

Multiscale Organization of the Hippocampus

Michael Bienkowski PhD
Assistant Professor
Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute


August 19, 2020

APOE4 Leads to Blood–Brain Barrier Dysfunction Predicting Cognitive Decline

Axel Montagne PhD
Associate Professor of Research
Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute


Abhay Sagare PhD
Assistant Professor of Research
Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute


August 5, 2020

Dysfunction of GABAergic Inhibition in STXBP1 Encephalopathy

Mingshan Xue PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Neuroscience
Baylor College of Medicine


July 29, 2020

Spatio-temporal Biodistribution of 89Zr-oxine Labeled CAR T and NK Cells by PET Imaging in a Preclinical Tumor Model

Naomi Sta Maria PhD
Assistant Professor of Research
Department of Physiology and Neuroscience
Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute


July 22, 2020

Explorations in Statistics: Fundamental Concepts

Douglas Everett PhD
Professor Emeritus
Division of Biostatistics
National Jewish Health


July 15, 2020

Decoding and Targeting RNA Machines in Living Cells

Zhipeng Lu PhD
Assistant Professor
Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Southern California