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Edward G. Grant, MD
Chair and Professor of Radiology
KEK 1500 San Pablo, #2250 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 442 8541


Dr. Grant has been the chairman of the Department of Radiology at USC since 2002. Prior to that time, he was the chairman of the Imaging Department at Greater Los VA Healthcare System. He was with the VA since 1991. He was also the professor & vice chairman of the Department of Radiological Sciences at UCLA. Dr. Grant is an internationally recognized authority in ultrasound and has authored many peer reviewed articles in this area. His recent research has focused on the invasive diagnosis of vascular disease using Doppler ultrasound. He has also been active in the clinical investigation of ultrasound contrast agents and PACS, or computed radiography. Early in his career he was one of the pioneers in developing the clinical use of neonatal cranial sonography. He is the author of 4 books and numerous book chapters. He has been an examiner for the radiology board examinations for the last 13 years. Dr. Grant has lectured on various aspects of ultrasound at numerous national and international venues and continues to be a sought after speaker.


Pasadena Magazine: Top Doctor , 2011


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