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Recent News

  • Rong-Lu-by-Cristy-Lytal

What I’m reading: Top picks from stem cell faculty

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Rong Lu: In a recent issue of Nature, Fan Zhou, Bing Liu and colleagues present their work on tracing the developmental origin of blood stem cells, also known as hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), in mice. Interestingly, grafts of single HSC precursor cells from 11-day-old mouse embryos showed quite different capacities

  • J-Carpten

The future of medicine is personalized

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John Carpten joins the Keck School of Medicine to connect the dots between individual cancer patients and the best treatments
The technological advances that have allowed doctors to differentiate tumors based on their distinct genetic make-up are part of a revolution in medicine that is known as

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8:00 AM –
9:00 AM

Pathology Resident Conference: Dr. Zuhha Ashraf

LAC+USC Medical Center, Clinic Tower, Room A7A, 90033
12:00 PM –
1:00 PM
(Photo/Chris Shinn)

Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Carl A. Castro, PhD

Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute, Herlotz Seminar Room, ZNI 112, Los Angeles
5:30 PM –
6:30 PM
(Photo/Chris Shinn)

Ophthalmology Grand Rounds: Kelly Rue, MD

USC Healthcare Center 4 Conference Room, Sixth Floor, 1450 San Pablo, Los Angeles, CA

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“Before coming to USC, I had achieved many of my personal goals, but I still felt young and energetic with many things still to be accomplished. I chose USC because its energy and vision fits my personality and goals.”

Larissa V. Rodriguez, MD
Professor of Urology and Vice Chair of Academics, USC Institute of Urology