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Sonia Pawluczyk, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & The Behavioral Sciences (Part Time)
Psychiatry and The Behavioral Sciences
HCT 3000 1520 San Pablo Street Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 442 7600


Dr. Pawluczyk was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After receiving her MD diploma at the Medical School of the University of Buenos Aires, she completed the “Curso Superior de Psiquiatria” at Hospital Borda. She moved to Los Angeles and entered the residency training in Psychiatry at LAC+USC. She did a fellowship in Psychiatry and the Law and in Geriatric Psychiatry. She then joined the Department of Psychiatry and has been part of the Geriatric Studies Center since 1991. Dr. Pawluczyk practices at the Memory and Aging Center at USC and she is also a consultant at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital. Dr. Pawluczyk is fluent in Spanish.


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