Advancing Care And Justice
For The Unhoused

At the forefront of health care innovation, USC Street Medicine is a groundbreaking collaboration of interdisciplinary professionals dedicated to improving the lives of the unhoused. With a strong commitment to health care justice, our program combines medical expertise, social service outreach, and cutting-edge research to address the unique challenges faced by the unhoused community in Los Angeles.



We advocate for reform and resource allocation to improve access to comprehensive, patient-centered healthcare for the unhoused and underserved populations in Los Angeles.

Training and Education

Our first in the nation, dedicated residency program track provides hands-on training to medical students and trainees in delivering compassionate, holistic healthcare directly to the unhoused and underserved where the live.

Workforce Development

Immersive learning experiences, workshops, and seminars equip healthcare professionals and students with the skills and knowledge necessary to care for the unhoused and underserved.

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We Can’t Let Homeless People Die

For those that are experiencing homelessness, street medicine provides direct, comprehensive care to those living on the street and under bridges, as those experiencing homelessness often suffer from poorer health, on average have life expectancies 30 years shorter than their housed-counterparts and less access to preventive, primary and specialty health services.

Support Our Work

Southern Californians are healthier because of USC, and individuals across the nation will live better lives because of our innovative education and research. However, the life-changing work that we do is only possible because of the extraordinary support of our partners. Philanthropic support at any giving level will bring health to the most vulnerable members of our community, while helping to provide for basic needs like food, clothing, transportation and government issued IDs to support their transition to independent healthcare and living.