Program Admission Information

Admission Process

Pre-Admission Process

All potential applicants should complete and submit the online pre-application form below (information and essay sections). Also, please email your most recent Curriculum Vitae to

Upon successful review of your Pre-Application and CV, you will be invited to complete the University of Southern California’s graduate school admissions process and meet the requirements listed below as a candidate in the Master of Academic Medicine program.

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Criteria for Admission

Applicants for admission to the Master of Academic Medicine program are generally expected to have an advanced degree in medicine or another health profession. Official transcripts from other institutions will need to be submitted. Proof of graduation is required.

For all applicants, an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 (A=4.0) is expected and three letters of recommendation are required.

For questions or to make an appointment with a faculty advisor: Call (323) 442-2372 or send a request to Dr. Julie Nyquist,

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2022 Master of Academic Program brochure

Download the 2022 Brochure (PDF)

Tuition Cost and Degree Requirements

A minimum of 32 units of graduate-level course work is required, 26 units of core coursework and 6 units of electives. A faculty advisor will help guide your decision about a program of study including selection of electives.

Participants can take one or two courses per semester and finish in three to five years. Alternately, by taking two courses every semester the program can be completed in just 24 months (six semesters).

Tuition and fees will be at USC’s prevailing graduate course rate. Fees vary depending on the number of units taken. Refer to the current online  University catalog for tuition information. Consult your faculty advisor for the details when you develop your Program of Studies.