The Keck School Difference

Spanning research, education, patient care, and community engagement, the Keck School stands at the forefront of progress in healthcare and the promotion of health equity.

    Keck School research with zebra fish container

    Igniting Bold Research

    Our investigators channel creativity and passion to cultivate major breakthroughs in health. From revealing processes behind disease to moving solutions into the clinic, we combine bold inquiry, state-of-the-art tools and interdisciplinary teamwork to transform lives and help society leap ahead.

    MD student filling a syringe

    Advancing Innovative Education

    Tomorrow’s physician leaders and biomedical trailblazers come to the Keck School for a singular educational experience. Alongside expert, world-renowned mentors, they learn by doing — in clinics serving diverse patients with complex conditions and in labs pursuing ways to improve health and health equity.

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    Providing World-Class Clinical Care

    Every year, a million patients of all ages and ethnicities rely on Keck School clinicians for excellence in care. Our expertise and dedication sustain a heritage established in 1885, while we focus on defining a future of tailored treatment, breakthrough technology and better health for all.

    Neighborhood children and USC staffer with a microscope

    Building Community Partnerships

    Our commitment to L.A.’s diverse communities reaches far beyond our clinic doors. Rich partnerships with our neighbors fulfill medical and social needs, nurture brighter futures for youth, and feed studies uniquely devised to make a difference in their lives.

    Shaping the Next Generation of Health Leaders

    Education at the Keck School of Medicine of USC is not only transformative but redefining what it means to be a health professional. The context is our diverse city, renowned faculty, state of the art facilities, and broad clinical and research opportunities. The result is a new kind of leader, equipped to tackle the most complex challenges of our time, and committed to improving lives locally and around the globe.

    A Vision for the Future of Medicine

    The Keck School is a launching point for new ideas and new ways of doing things to advance human health and health equity.

    Alzheimer’s Research

    At the Keck School, world experts — in molecular biology, systems biology, imaging and genetics, among other fields — join together to understand, treat, prevent and ultimately cure Alzheimer’s disease.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Our researchers unlock the power of AI and data from diverse populations to rewrite how we prevent, diagnose and treat disease. We turn hidden patterns in abundant data into real-world impact.

    Street Medicine

    At the Keck School, national leaders in the Street Medicine movement guide teams providing the extraordinary care and limitless compassion that unhoused people of Los Angeles deserve.

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    Students and Trainees

    Where Care Happens

    The Keck School provides patients with world-class care merging deep expertise, leading-edge technology and human connection. From our private clinics to affiliated safety-net hospitals, faculty and trainees serve diverse communities and push forward the newest advances in human health.

      Keck Medicine of USC

      Keck Medicine of USC

      Whether your health needs are simple or complex, find exceptional care at Keck Medical Center — ranked as a top hospital nationwide — and clinics around the region.

      Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles

      Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

      All faculty at CHLA, the No. 1 West Coast pediatric medical center, hold Keck School appointments. Together, our institutions make a bigger difference than we could alone.

      Los Angeles General Medical Center

      Los Angeles General Medical Center

      One of the largest and busiest safety-net hospitals in the U.S., L.A. General enables the Keck School’s mission across treatment, education, research and community outreach.

      USC Street Medicine staff and patient

      USC Street Medicine

      The Keck School meets L.A.’s unhoused people where they are to offer compassion and patient-centered care. The Street Medicine team completes more than 2,000 patient visits yearly.

      Connect With Us

      The mission of cultivating breakthroughs that fundamentally change the practice of medicine is an exciting, fulfilling one. You are invited along, and there are a number of ways to take part.