The Keck School of Medicine, in partnership with one of the largest teaching hospitals in the nation, educates the nation’s future physicians and biomedical scientists. Our students and trainees help care for patients as part of an innovative curriculum that integrates basic and clinical sciences, technology and communication, the latest medical advances and the oldest healing arts. Graduate students play leading roles in the creation of new knowledge as part of the Keck School’s vibrant research community.

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“To advance our educational mission, we focus on building an excellent integrated curriculum, unparalleled research opportunities, and hands-on clinical experience.”

Our innovative curriculum integrates clinical study with basic science, giving students the opportunity to work with actual patients in hospitals around the Los Angeles area. Working closely with faculty mentors, students receive an outstanding, well-rounded medical education while experiencing real-world medical challenges in diverse and underserved communities.

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Henri Ford, MD, MHA
Vice-Dean, Medical Education – 
Professor, Department of Surgery

Program Overviews

Our integrated curriculum is at the forefront of medical education, helping to prepare students for leadership roles in the medical field.

MD Program Curriculum

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) program spans four years and trains the next generation of physicians.

The Keck School also offers a number of dual degree MD programs, allowing MD students to follow career interests in public health, business administration and scientific research.

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PhD Program Curriculum

In our many PhD degree programs, students can focus on a specific biomedical and biological field.

Programs are specially designed to prepare highly qualified students for careers in academic medicine or to conduct diverse independent research, gaining a depth of knowledge in their field including theory and methodology and the ability to apply this knowledge.

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Master’s Program Curriculum

Graduate students take an active part in the vibrant research life of the campus through enrollment in one of our many Master’s programs.

Our medical school departments include the interdisciplinary, university-wide Program in Biomedical and Biological Sciences, in which students can explore a number of biomedical and biological fields before choosing to enroll in a specific PhD program.

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Professional Degree Program Curriculum

Professional education at the Keck School of Medicine prepares students for leadership in research, teaching, the application of knowledge, and professional practice.

Programs are built upon the close interaction of students and faculty members dedicated to excellence, mutual respect, fairness, collegiality, honesty, and integrity. Degrees include the Doctor of Medicine (MD), Nurse Anesthesia, and Physician Assistant Practice (MPAP).

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Postdoctoral Program Curriculum

Postdoctoral Scholars are trainees in residence pursuing advanced study beyond the doctorate in preparation for a full-time academic and/or research career.

As part of our mission, the Keck School assists scholars who wish to broaden their research. Students work with senior faculty mentors and have access to a variety of professional development events.

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Residency & Clinical Fellowship Program Curriculum

Clinical faculty of the Keck School of Medicine direct a broad range of accredited residency and fellowship training programs.

Guided by senior physician educators, medical residents undergo rigorous professional training at the LAC+USC Medical Center designed to prepare them for independent medical practice and board certification. Training is further enhanced by the chance to work side-by-side with some of the nation’s leading scientists and physicians.

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Continuing Medical Education Program Curriculum

Our CME program is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of physicians and health professionals and to promote optimal patient care.

To this end, the division offers accredited continuing medical education programs that emphasize new technology, procedures and research findings. Programs include symposia, courses, grand rounds, printed newsletters and other media-based formats.

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