Bringing Big Ideas To Life

MESH Strategic Partnerships: Igniting innovation pathways from groundbreaking concepts to life-changing advancements in the life sciences.

Guided by the Keck Collaborate to Innovate Platform, our dedication to personalized service forges lasting relationships, builds trust through collaboration, and ensures long-term value of our academic-industry partnerships.


Keck collaborate to innovate platform illustration

  • With an emphasis on supporting use-inspired research and breakthrough innovations, this platform serves as a catalyst for the entire innovation lifecycle. It is here where ideas are not only born but nurtured, challenged, and refined. By facilitating a proactive and patient-inspired approach, we ensure that our innovations are not just feasible but profoundly impactful.

  • Our approach is far from linear. It weaves a collaborative meshwork helping faculty at various stages of their innovation journey. From personalized meetings that reveal key insights to business development and industry relations that lay the groundwork for meaningful collaborations and strategic partnerships. As innovators are ready to scale, we connect them with critical resources, from startup accelerators, incubators, to venture capital. Join us as we traverse this innovation meshwork where every vision is supported, and every idea has the potential to grow and succeed.