Resources On Offer

The Keck School of Medicine of USC empowers you to elevate human health. Access to state-of-the-art facilities and pragmatic support help set you free to learn, discover and invent.

Conducting Clinical Trials

Get support in moving new solutions to the clinic, where science translates to real-world impact.

Cores and Facilities

Access the shared resources for analysis, services and expertise that enable you to break new ground.

Members of a faculty lab in front of their equipment and bench.

Find a Faculty Collaborator or Mentor

Partner with a Keck School of Medicine investigator.

Funding Opportunities

Explore the latest possibilities for fueling your scientific quest.

Industry Collaborations and Strategic Partnerships

Unlock the potential of KSOM’s vast resources and expertise: Discover how MESH Strategic Partnerships can facilitate collaboration between USC researchers and industry leaders. Explore our services and connect with us to kickstart a conversation about achieving your goals.

Policies and Guidelines

Understand the ethical standards and policies that sustain our research community’s integrity.

Ethics Consultation

Can help address challenges that often arise when designing or conducting research, usually related to ethical challenges or uncertainties in the design or conduct of clinical or translational research.

Promoting Your Research

Get expert help letting the world know about your breakthroughs.

Space Planning

Explore the spaces where new health solutions are developed and tested.