Our academic enterprise focuses on addressing the most complex challenges to health, and to make progress, we embrace the opportunities presented by advances in computation.

Dean Carolyn Meltzer, MD
Dean Carolyn Meltzer
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AI Igniting Discovery in Medicine

The Keck School of Medicine of USC is harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to turn big data into knowledge, igniting discoveries to solve the world’s toughest health care problems. Dean Carolyn Meltzer and USC SVP Steven Shapiro discuss how to deliver on that promise and minimize risks.

AI in Medicine Collaboratory

Lead by Dr. Paul Thompson, PhD, the AI in Medicine Collaboratory (AI-MEDx) at the Keck School of Medicine is a pioneering convergent research initiative committed to translating our research findings into tangible, patient-centric solutions through collaboration and partnership. Our mission is to leverage our unique strengths in medicine, data science, and the diverse patient population we serve to address clinical unmet needs, drive transformative AI-driven discoveries, and facilitate their translation into equitable and patient-centric healthcare solutions.

    1. Medical School Focus: As an initiative based at KSOM, we leverage our institutional expertise, resources, and academic environment to drive interdisciplinary collaborations between clinicians, researchers, data scientists, and AI experts. By capitalizing on the unique perspectives and talents within our medical school, we aim to push the boundaries of AI and its applications in medicine.
    2. University-wide Connectivity: The AI in Medicine AI-MEDx serves as a central hub at the Health Science Campus that connects and integrates with other AI in Medicine efforts across the university. We actively foster collaborations with various departments, research centers, and institutes, promoting knowledge sharing, cross-pollination of ideas, and collaborative initiatives that accelerate progress in AI in Medicine.
    3. Addressing Clinical Unmet Needs: Our AI-MEDx is driven by a deep commitment to addressing the real-world challenges faced by our clinicians and patients. We prioritize understanding clinical unmet needs, identifying areas where AI has the potential to make a significant impact, and developing innovative solutions that enhance patient care, improve outcomes, and drive healthcare efficiencies.
    4. Use-Inspired Discovery and Translational Research: At the heart of our mission is the philosophy of use-inspired discovery and translational research. We embrace a pragmatic approach that emphasizes the practical application of AI in solving clinical problems. Through close collaborations with clinicians and basic researchers, we aim to bridge the gap between research and practice, translating cutting-edge AI research into meaningful solutions that directly benefit patients and healthcare providers.
    5. Embracing Diversity: A key differentiator of our AI-MEDx is our unwavering commitment to embracing the diversity of our patient population and beyond. We recognize that equitable and inclusive healthcare requires tailored solutions that address the unique needs, challenges, and cultural contexts of diverse patient groups. We actively promote diversity in our research, collaborations, and solutions to ensure that AI-driven innovations in medicine benefit all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances.
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    • Biomarker Discovery
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Looking to collaborate on AI with the Keck School of Medicine? Contact Vasiliki Anest, PhD, Keck School Chief Innovation Officer and Head of MESH Strategic Partnerships vasiliki.anest@med.usc.edu