Match Day

A celebration of matches

Keck School of Medicine students celebrate Match Day 2023.

Though it has been a winter of record-setting rains, it was nothing but blue skies Friday, as members of the MD class of 2023 gathered at Keck School of Medicine to tear open the envelopes that held the maps to their futures.

Finding those futures was part of Match Day, which each year brings students together – along with family and friends – to learn where they will be spending their residencies as they continue to advance their medical training. Each year, students nationwide receive the news at precisely 9 am Pacific Daylight Time, and this year at the Keck School, as the clock moved to the top of the hour, the anxious rustle of paper quickly gave way to shouts of delight. (…Read More)

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What is Match Day?

Match Day 2023

Match Day 2023 Infographic

Match Day 2023 Social Wall

Match Day Moments ❤️

Congratulations to all of our incredible students who matched today. We are so proud of you, and look forward to watching you make an impact in your respective fields.

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Match Day is about to begin and everyone is excited! On campus? Tag us and use #KSOMMatch2023 Not in town? Watch the excitement livestreamed (link in bio).

Heads up! #KSOMMatch2023 is tomorrow and MD/MPH candidate @janinecadet is sharing her excitement, experience and advice on the journey from medical school to #MatchDay ✨

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