Match Day

From students to doctors, ready for anything

KSOM’s medical students have spent four years learning, training and treating patients. Nothing could have prepared them for the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, but as they prepare to begin their residencies around the country, they’re ready for any challenge because of all they’ve seen and done. A surge of cases in L.A. County, as well as the health inequities on display in our diverse community, has prepared them for the next phase of their careers. We salute these young MDs and say Thank You, and Congratulations!

Medical Students jumping in the air celebrating Match Day

(Photo by: Steve Cohn)

On a verdant, sun-drenched lawn, surrounded by friends and family boasting big smiles and toting congratulatory floral bouquets, members of Keck School of Medicine of USC’s graduating class of 2022 readied themselves for their future….Read More


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What is Match Day?

Match Day Infograph

Match Day 2021 Infographic