Alice Shen, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine (Clinician Educator) (Part-Time)

Image of Alice Shen, MD
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Born in Hong Kong and having moved to the United States when she 16, Dr. Shen attended medical school at Oregon health Sciences University and completed her residency training in family medicine at Kaiser Fontana. She practiced family medicine at Kaiser for about 30 years having taken care of families throughout that time. Taking a short retirement, Dr. Shen returns to medicine passionate about preventive medicine and caring for families.

As a physician, she sees high value in practicing preventive medicine working to prevent or catch a disease early. She also believes strongly in patient education as patients can make small changes in their lifestyle to reap benefits to their health. For her, she personally understands how hard these lifestyle changes are to take on, but knows she can work together with patients to achieve the best results.


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