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Anil Tulpule, MD
Anil Tulpule, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
1441 Eastlake Ave. Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
Dr. Tulpule began his medical education and career in his native India before coming to Southern California on a fellowship in medical oncology at the Keck School of Medicine. After completion of his first USC fellowship, Dr. Tulpule was granted an additional fellowship in the Department of Hematology where he is currently holds an assistant professor appointment. Dr. Tulpule remains active in AIDS research, including a ten year affiliation with the government sponsored AIDS-Related Malignancy Working Group at the National Cancer Institute.

He has received over fifteen research grants on a number of hematology related subjects and his work has been published in many noted medical journals. Dr. Tulpule is a member of the LAC+USC Medical Center’s Internal Review Board and has a role in determining the ethical implications of the center’s research studies. His dedication to ethical practices also includes a membership of USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Patient’s Rights Committee.

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