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Brian P. Lee

Brian P. Lee

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
2250 Alcazar Street CSC 135G Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles

European Association for the Study of the Liver: Young Investigator Bursary Award, 2019

American Society of Transplantation: Young Investigator Award, 2018

American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases: Clinical/Translational Early Career Investigator Award, 2018

International Liver Transplantation Society: Young Investigator Award, 2017

Johns Hopkins Hospital: Resident Teaching Award, 2016

: Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA), 2013

: Summa Cum Laude, 2013

: Phi Beta Kappa, 2010

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Dr. Lee is a NIAAA-funded transplant hepatologist specializing in patient care before and after liver transplant. His research focuses on improving health for patients with alcohol use disorder and alcohol-associated liver disease, through: 1) early liver transplant for alcohol-associated hepatitis; 2) inequities in healthcare access; 3) public policy and advocacy; 4) novel therapeutics and translational studies. His research has resulted in first-author studies published in Annals of Internal Medicine, Lancet Public Health, JAMA Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Journal of Hepatology, among others. His research has featured in national media with NBC Nightly News, Today Show, NPR, CNN, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, among others. His research and advocacy has led to changes in National and California transplant and insurance policies, and has incorporated into practice guidelines across North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.
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