Elizabeth Burner, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine

Research Director of Emergency Medicine

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Elizabeth Burner, MD, MPH, is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. Following undergraduate studies and medical school at the University of California at San Diego, Dr. Burner completed her internship in internal medicine at the Cedars-Sinai/West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Internal Medicine Residency program, and her residency in Emergency Medicine at LAC+USC Medical Center. Due to her desire to better understand the etiology of health disparities among the marginalized patients at LAC+USC, she pursued a Clinical Research Fellowship at the USC Department of Emergency Medicine. During this fellowship, she was awarded an F32 grant from the NIDDK and completed a Masters in Public Health at the University of California Los Angeles. In 2013, Dr. Burner joined the faculty at the Keck School and works clinically in the emergency department at the LAC+USC hospital as well as the Jail Urgent Care based in the LA County Twin Towers Correctional Facility. She received a KL2 grant from the Southern California CTSI upon her appointment to the faculty to support her research. She currently serves on the SAEM Annual Meeting Program committee, as well as the SAEM Annual Meeting Research Committee, and lectures the undergraduate campus, the medical school and in the community.

Dr. Burner’s research interests center on investigating emergent health communication tools to reach health disparity groups, and directing patients to chronic care and medical homes as appropriate. She is developing a mixed methods research career to better understand the viewpoint of marginalized populations, particularly urban Latino immigrants. She is also interested in validation of clinical instrument tools in ethnic minority populations, as well as the role of communication and leadership in successful resuscitations of critically ill patients.


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