Farhood Saremi, MD

Professor of Clinical Radiology

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After receiving his medical degree and completing a radiology residency in 1988 from the University of Tehran, Dr. Saremi was employed as assistant professor of radiology at the same university. He also served as Chief of Radiology at Vali-Asr Hospital for four years and was later promoted to associate professor. During this period Dr. Saremi’s main interest was interventional radiology. He published several articles on the subject.

Dr. Saremi moved to the United States in 1995 and entered the radiology residency program at USC before completing two fellowships in neuroradiology and body imaging. In 2002 he was appointed as associate professor of radiology at the University of California, Irvine and in three years, was promoted to professor of radiology with a joint appointment in medicine. He then served as Chief of Cardiothoracic section at UCI for seven years and completed subspecialty fellowships in Cardiovascular MRI at Duke Medical Center and Cardiovascular CT at UCI. During this period, he published more than 30 articles in cardiac imaging and contributed to four cardiac imaging books as main author or co-author.

Currently, his research is mainly focused on CT and MRI of the heart and specifically on cardiac conduction system and arrhythmias.


  • RSNA: Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award, 2001


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