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Francisco Quismorio, MD
Francisco Quismorio, MD
Professor of Medicine
IRD 424 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
Dr. Quismorio's research areas include autoimmunity and immunopathology of rheumatic and systemic connective tissue diseases, and clinical aspects of Systemic Lupus Ergthematosus (SLE). His current research is focused on antiphospholipid antibodies, autoantibodies in rheumatic diseases, central nervous system involvement and genetics in SLE.

Dr. Quismorio earned his medical degree from University of the Philippines. After performing his internship and residency he went on to complete two fellowships, one in rheumatology at University of Pennsylvania Hospital, and the other in immunology and rheumatic diseases at Keck School of Medicine of USC.

Keck School of Medicine of USC: Faculty Teaching Incentive Award, 2010-2015

Los Angeles City Council: Outstanding Physician, 2008

American College of Rheumatology : Master, 2006

Keck School of Medicine of USC: Outstanding Teacher Award, 2006

Arthritis Foundation: Community Service Award, 2001

American Lupus Society: Fleur de Lis Award, 1991

University of the Philippines, College of Medicine: Outstanding Alumnus in Research, 1989

American College of Rheumatology: Fellow, 1987

American College of Physicians: Fellow, 1977

Southern California Rheumatism Society: Research Award for Fellows, 1969-1970

Philippine Heart Association: Burke Award, 1964

Philippine Heart Association: Most Outstanding Rotating Intern, 1964

University of the Philippines : Entrance Scholarship, 1956

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