Irving Steinberg, PharmD

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, University of Southern California, School of Pharmacy

Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Pediatrics, School of Pharmacy & Keck School of Medicine of USC

Director, Division of Pediatric Pharmacotherapy...

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Dr. Irving Steinberg has been with USC since 1985, and is Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs at the USC School of Pharmacy, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Pediatrics at the USC Alfred E. Mann School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, and is Director of the Division of Pediatric Pharmacotherapy in the Department of Pediatrics at the Los Angeles General Medical Center (formally LAC+USC). Dr. Steinberg is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, where he completed his Pharm.D. degree, residency and an endowed fellowship in infectious diseases and pharmacokinetics. He maintains a busy clinical consultation practice with bedside and telemetric teaching of medical residents, represents the Department of Pediatrics on the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee for the past 31 years, and on the Antimicrobial and Medication Safety Subcommittees at LA General, and has served on medical expert panels for the Department of Health Services. He has published and presented numerous scientific papers and book chapters on pharmacokinetics in pediatrics and pregnancy, antimicrobials and drug resistance, antiseizure and cardiovascular drugs. He has been a primary content editor on anivirals and antifungals for the Redbook of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Areas of research emphasis include predicitve performance of pharmacokinetic models for dosing in children and novel pharmacotherapeutic applications of drugs such as amphotericin and erythromycin in neonates. This diversity in areas of expertise is reflected in his programmatic efforts and teaching, from bedside to classroom, at USC. He has trained numerous pediatric pharmacotherapy residents & fellows who have gone on to distinguished careers. Additionally, Dr. Steinberg is a noted national speaker for many physician and pharmacist audiences, and has given hundreds of lectures, grand rounds, and continuing education programs in 43 states in the US. His expertise in legal medicine is nationally regarded, and is sought-after in court and arbitration disputes involving pharmacologic and toxicologic issues. His opinions on topical disease and drug therapy news items have been viewed and read across many media outlets.


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