Janice V Tramel, MS-HPE, PA-C Emeritus

Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine (Clinician Educator)

Interim Director of Clinical Education

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Janice Tramel, MS-HPE, PA-C Emeritus, is a California native who completed both a vocational nursing and registered nursing program prior to graduating from the USC Primary Care Physician Assistant Program in 1977. She joined the PA Program in September 1979, and has held many positions within the Program: Clinical Coordinator, Assistant Program Director, Acting Program Director, Associate Director of CME Programs, and the Director of Clinical Education from July 2013 through May 2017. Mrs. Tramel assumed PA-C Emeritus status with the NCCPA effective January 1, 2017. Currently, Mrs. Tramel is a clinical coordinator, course director for clinical rotations surgery and emergency medicine, and co-director of Clinical Skills III and IV.

Mrs. Tramel has been actively involved in PA education and professional activities on local, state, and national levels, having served as a curriculum consultant, visiting lecturer, site visitor for the Accreditation Review Commission on Education of the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA), grant reviewer with the US Department of Health & Human Services, Bureau of Health Professions, was a gubernatorial appointee to the State of California Physician Assistant Committee, now known as the PA Board from 1982-1992, serving as Committee Chair from 1987-1992. She served as the first chair of the PA Program Relations Committee with the California Academy of Physician Assistants from 2007-2009. She has over 37 years of experience as both a PA educator and clinician and family nurse practitioner, working in underserved medical communities located within the city of Los Angeles in the areas of family medicine, adolescent medicine, women’s health, occupational health, as well as quality assurance and utilization review. In May 2010, Mrs. Tramel was presented an award by the faculty, staff and students in acknowledgment of her 30+ years of dedicated service to the PA Program. In May 2012, Mrs. Tramel became one of the first Program faculty inducted into the Pi Alpha National Honor Society for Physician Assistants. Research interests include evaluation of PA student performance, faculty development, learning styles, educational methodology and technology and standardized testing. Personal interests include mentoring prospective PA program students, volunteer activities with disadvantaged young adults, community health and geriatric wellness programs, culinary arts, and spectator sports.


  • Pi Alpha Award Recipient, 2012
  • Bertha Oliver Memorial Award, 2007


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