Jeffrey Alan Gluckstein, MD

Assistant Professor Of Clinical Ophthalmology

Image of Jeffrey Alan Gluckstein, MD
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Jeffrey Gluckstein is a neurologist and neuro-ophthalmologist. He provides consultation for conditions affecting the connections between the eye and brain and the processing of visual stimuli. He sees patients with conditions affecting the optic nerve, visual pathways in the brain, and nerves of the eye.

Dr. Gluckstein’s research is focused on the recovery of vision after injury to the brain. While treatments are improving to protect patients from brain injury, little is known about how to effectively recover vision after the parts of the brain responsible for visual processing are lost.


  • American Academy of Neurology: Excellence in Neurology, 2016
  • Student Merit Scholarship, 2016
  • Gold Humanism Honor Society, 2015
  • Alpha Omega Alpha, 2015
  • Alpha Omega Alpha: Book Prize, 2015
  • Dames Award in Physiology, 2013


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